ACWholesalers Helps Build Office on DIY NETWORK Man Caves

ACWholesalers Helps Build Office on DIY NETWORK Man Caves
MIRAMAR, FL (January 02, 2009) - After the way ACWholesalers pulled off the spectacular come-through for Snoop Dogg's Man Cave, DIY Networks "MAN CAVES" producers and designers turned to the leader once again. This time our crew flew out to California for Actor/ Comedian Rainn Wilson.

We knew that Rainn needed heating and air conditioning that would not only give perfect comfort but entertain as well. The LG ART Cool Picture frame unit is the only way to go, offering customizable picture fronts which means cosmetic nirvana.

John and Guillermo, ACWholesalers installation consultants, were some of the first to spring into action. "It's for Rainn?", I have the perfect unit so let's put the plan in motion. Our Shipping department pulled the products and shipped it to the home the following day after the call.

"We are very excited to be working with DIY Networks expert Jason Cameron again", said John.

When the ACWholesalers team arrived at the site, half of the structure was built. Our team got to work, wired and installed the system in half a day.

"We are going to have you take an eye exam!" said Jason Cameron, as they tested Rainn's eyesight on the Ductless air conditioning system. "What!? This is an HVAC system? You're lying! I'm on candid camera! I don't believe it! Exclaimed Rainn. Rainn was blown away by a heating and air conditioning unit that can look "so good".

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