Warranty Coverage Information

Warranty Coverage Information

As an ACWholesalers customer, you can rest assured that your equipment will come with a manufacturer's warranty because we are a factory-authorized dealer of HVAC and comfort products.


All the products we sell include the original manufacturer's warranty on parts and workmanship. We put this guide together to help with common warranty questions we receive from customers.


What Does "Manufacturer Warranty" Mean?

A manufacturer's warranty is a safeguard from defects and problems that are a result of manufacturing or workmanship and can vary in length and terms.


All HVAC equipment must be installed by a certified professional installer to maintain the warranty. In case of a failure or product recall, the manufacturer will replace the failed part/s. Labor and shipping, however, are not always covered.


We recommend reading the full warranty information to understand what is covered and what isn't by the manufacturer. Warranty manuals are easy to find on our site. Just click on the "manuals" tab on the product page.


Will My Equipment Get Replaced?

Manufacturers will typically only replace parts under warranty. Equipment replacements are rare and at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.



How Do I Get an Extended Warranty?

Many manufacturers like Goodman offer extended warranties on their products. All you need to do is either have your professional installer fill out the online warranty form or send in the one that came with the equipment.


Even if an extended warranty isn't offered, you should always fill out the warranty registration information to ensure coverage in case you need it later.


How Long Does a Warranty Last?

Warranty periods vary from product to product and are different for residential and commercial applications. Be sure to consult the manufacturer's website for the most up-to-date product warranty information. 


Warranty Exclusions

Things that are not covered include damages of any kind. Damage as a result of shipping, DIY/improper installations, storms, etc. is not typically covered under a manufacturer's warranty. This is not an exhaustive list of exclusions. Be sure to consult the warranty manual for a complete list.


If you see product damage of any kind upon delivery of your order, please refuse, document, and contact us right away for a replacement.


Learn More: ACWholesalers Shipping Policies


How Do I File a Warranty Claim?

First: Call Your Installer

Most of our products are technical and must be installed by trained professional contractors. Attempting to install HVAC equipment yourself is dangerous, especially if it requires electrical, gas, or refrigerant connections.


Your contractor can quickly diagnose the problem and offer a solution. Many times an adjustment is all that's needed. Other times, a replacement part will be required. In that case, your contractor can help you through the warranty claim process with the manufacturer.


Product Recalls

ACWholesalers maintains a high satisfaction rating by only working with trusted, high-quality brands. By maintaining close relationships with manufacturers, we alert our customers as soon as a recall is issued. If a defect is discovered by the manufacturer, you will be notified immediately, and a partial or complete replacement of the affected parts will be issued.


Your professional installer will be able to help determine the appropriate steps to restore your system and ensure proper operation.


Labor Warranty

Most contractors will provide a one-year labor warranty on their installations. ACWholesalers is not responsible for labor costs to diagnose, repair, install, or service the products.


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It's our mission to provide you with the best advice and service possible to make buying HVAC products simple. If you ever have a question about a product or service, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!


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