Brand Spotlight: Panasonic

Brand Spotlight: Panasonic
More than 53 years since its establishment, Panasonic Air Conditioning Group has grown into a global company. Through a continuous quest for product innovation, the brand has evolved from manufacturing compressors to providing comprehensive air conditioning solutions. This has earned Panasonic the reputation as a trusted name for superior quality and reliable products in the industry.
At Panasonic, we don't just condition buildings, we condition people. That's because we've thought beyond just air conditioning and into something we like to call "Human Conditioning". This is the process that guides our technology and system attributes, and, in turn, provides for maximum conditioning solutions for your environment.


Every Building Lives


When you think about a building as a living space, everyone involved lives better. From design to installation to operation, Panasonic exists for the people inside. Their line of conditioning solutions breathes life into structures big and small.


With 25 years of experience in the U.S., they are consistently hatching new ideas to help build your business or home. By delivering multi-zone, ductless mini-split air conditioning systems that save space, are environmentally-friendly, their solutions are human solutions.




Bath FansPanasonic Bath Fans


Different lifestyles require different demands on the ventilation system. For example, a single adult will most likely require less ventilation than a family of five with pets. Also, an adult homeowner may be more likely to properly operate a manual ventilation control than a tenant or children that share a bathroom. Therefore, selecting a suitable bath fan that runs ventilation at the proper time and duration will ensure that both the occupant's health and building structure are protected.



AccessoriesPanasonic Accessories


Panasonic offers a variety of accessories for Panasonic ventilation fans that include fan controls, grilles, accessory kits, wall caps and ceiling dampers.



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