Brand Spotlight: ecobee

Brand Spotlight: ecobee
Before establishing ecobee in 2007, Stuart Lombard had resolved to start programming his thermostat as a way of reducing his family's carbon footprint and saving money. But it turned out that programming his thermostat was much harder than he could have imagined.
In the age of smartphones and smart cars, why would something that's supposed to make life easier be so hard to use? It turns out not even an engineering degree could help you figure out how to program the average thermostat!
When Stuart and his family came home one winter day to find their house freezing, they'd had enough. He knew there had to be a better way, and ecobee was born.



Smart Energy Solutions for Real People


ecobee created all of their products with real people in mind - people like you who live busy lives and have more important things to do than stress over poorly designed thermostats.


And not only does ecobee make products for real people, ecobee makes sure that there are real people behind the scenes to make every ecobee experience a positive one.


Their customer service experts even have wide knowledge and training in the heating and cooling industry, but don't worry, they won't bog you down you with unnecessary technical jargon.



What Makes ecobee Different?ecobee Smartphone


Well, for one thing, ecobee products are easy to use. ecobee has thermostats for both the residential and commercial markets. ecobee thermostats feature full-color touch screens that are simple to navigate and easy to read. They're also WiFi enabled, so you can program them at any time from any place – all you need is an Internet connection.


ecobee is constantly developing their suite of smartphone apps so that you can program your thermostat on the go. It's fully automated energy conservation so you never have to choose between being green and being comfortable. 


And of course, all of the ecobee products have been designed to help you conserve energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact.


ecobee Smart Thermostatsecobee Thermostat


There's a reason why we call this the ecobee 'Smart' thermostat. For one thing, it's Internet-enabled through WiFi so that you can easily monitor and manage your home comfort. It's also a smart way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. Genius.


When you get an ecobee Smart Thermostat, ecobee will give you access to your own personal and secure web portal to manage all aspects of your Smart Thermostat. It doesn't matter where you are - all you need is an Internet connection. And if you think that's good, there's also no annual fee!



Room Sensors
ecobee room sensors


ecobee built in increased functionality to the Energy Management software so that you can get even more out of the remote sensor module and other accessories. Using the ecobee Web Portal and Remote Sensor Module, you can manage your building operations without actually having to be there in person.


All you need is an Internet connection and you'll be able to monitor temperatures, humidity, and CO2 levels as well as non-heating and cooling equipment for optimal system performance. You can even set different thresholds to create alerts for each sensor. Now, rather than just receiving an alert, you'll also be able to trigger actions based on certain thresholds that you set.



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