Brand Spotlight: Delta Breez

Brand Spotlight: Delta Breez
As a global leader in power electronics, Delta's mission is "to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow."
Delta is committed to environmental protection and has implemented green, lead-free production, as well as recycling and waste management programs for many years.





ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that identifies products in over 60 categories which meet rigorous energy efficiency standards. Started in 1992, ENERGY STAR is now an internationally recognized label for U.S.-originated products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing performance or quality.


ENERGY STAR qualified products help to protect the environment by reducing energy consumption, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves consumers money on utility bills. As an ENERGY STAR partner, Delta is committed to environmental protection and strives to create products meeting and surpassing current standards in energy efficiency.


All Delta Breez ventilation fans are ENERGY STAR qualified and most have been designated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013. 



Code Compliant


ASHRAE 62.2-2010: Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings, is the national standard applied to single-family houses or multiple-family houses up to three stories that address requirements for ventilation to ensure acceptable indoor air quality. 


Delta Breez ventilation fans are all ASHRAE 62.2 and HVI-certified, California Title 24 compliant for both continuous and intermittent running applications, meaning that they are operable according to 62 guidelines and meet the maximum noise level requirements of 1 sone for continuous operation and 3 sones for intermittent operation. 




Signature Ventilation Fans

Breez Signature Ventilation Fans


BreezSignature ENERGY STAR qualified fans are solid, elegant ventilation solutions with motion-sensing, humidity sensing, dual speed, or single speed options. The Signature fan energy efficiency exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements by as much as 685% and is as quiet as a Breeze with noise level ratings as low as <0.3 sones. The Breez Signature ventilation fan is offered in a fan/light combination or fan-only and at 80 or 110 CFM or dual speed.



Slim Ventilation FansBreez Slim Ventilation Fans


BreezSlim ENERGY STAR ventilation fans offer extraordinary power and performance in a compact design. Made for wall or ceiling installation, the slim is perfect for retrofitting or new installation with space constraints. At only 1.0 sone, the Slim is the quietest fan of its size and is available in 50 CFM, 70 CFM, or dual speed.



GreenBuilder Ventilation FansBreez GreenBuilder Ventilation Fans


BreezGreenBuilder ENERGY STAR qualified fans are remarkably energy efficient with the use of DC motors. The GreenBuilder fan exceeds the ENERGY STAR efficiency requirement by as much as 835% and has attained the lowest noise level rating available of <0.3 sones. It is offered in a fan/light combination or fan-only and at 50 or 80 CFM or dual speed.


Smart Ventilation FansBreez Smart Ventilation Fans


Breez Smart ENERGY STAR qualified fans are powerful and efficient by employing 3 phase DC motors that save both energy and material for a cleaner environment. BreezSmart fans have galvanized steel housing fans and ducts, and are sturdily built without sacrificing appearance. Motion sensing and humidity-sensing options with adjustable low speed and delay timers are available, as well as dual speed and single speed models. The Smart is offered in 130 and 150 CFM.



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