Brand Spotlight: Friedrich Air Conditioners

Brand Spotlight: Friedrich Air Conditioners
The Friedrich air conditioner company was founded in 1883 in San Antonio, Texas by Ed Friedrich. As an inventor, Ed developed one of the first food preservation refrigeration systems. Sixty-seven years later Friedrich became one of the world's largest manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment.
Room air conditioning then became the next venture for Friedrich Air Conditioning, so by 1952 their first room air conditioners were being manufactured and sold successfully. In the commercial aspect of the heating and cooling industry, Friedrich secured their reputation as durable and energy efficient.



Going Ductless


Inverter compressors make Friedrich ductless mini-split systems a great choice for zoning your home for maximum control of heating and cooling. As a partner of ENERGY STAR Friedrich has become the right solution for all heating and cooling needs. Friedrich is in the business of making people more comfortable.



So Kühl! 


Friedrich opened a new manufacturing facility in 2006, which later produced a unique technologically-advanced, commercial-grade room air conditioner and heater -- Kühl.


Kühl room air conditioners and heaters became a pivotal standard in room air conditioners and heaters manufactured from heavy-gauge galvanized steel, rifled copper tubing, and high tech aluminum fins.


The powerful, energy-efficient compressors easily manifested Kühl as one of the most efficient and durable product lines in the industry.



Friedrich Air Conditioner Advantage


Friedrich air conditioners are hard-working and hard-wearing. Our commercial-grade air conditioners are the first choice for tough environments, from oil rigs to the Kennedy Space Center. Constructed from the highest-quality materials and components, these units are built to exacting standards - yet they are among the quietest and most energy-efficient available.

You'll find commercial-grade air conditioners for residential use as well. Our ultra-premium Kühl and premium Chill air conditioner lines give you superior quality, performance and quiet operation in a full range of capacities. For a commercial-grade thru-the-wall unit, WallMaster leads the category.


Since energy use is such a large expense, both at home and in the workplace, buying an energy-efficient air conditioner is a smart, easy way to save money. All of our ENERGY STAR-qualified options carry the ENERGY STAR logo for easy identification.



Years of Development and Testing


Each Friedrich air conditioner starts with a great idea. Our team of engineers develops multiple concepts and selects only the most promising air conditioner designs. Prototypes are subject to intense scrutiny and testing in our UL-approved lab. Air conditioner prototypes are soak-tested for performance in high humidity and operated in extreme temperatures.


They are run continuously to test their longevity. Electronic controls can undergo hundreds of hours of testing. We try to mark the finishes. We even test the packaging's durability on ramps, in truck beds, and by dropping and shaking the boxes. Refinements are made. Then there are more tests and feedback leading to more refinements. Conventions are challenged-all before the first machine is manufactured.




Wall-Mounted Ductless Air ConditionersFriedrich Wall mounted Ductless Air Conditioners


Wall-Mounted ductless air conditioner systems are available in single and multizone configurations that condition up to four independent zones. Each indoor unit is individually controlled for room-by-room comfort. They mount on most interior walls, including ones without windows. Inverter technology ensures ultra-efficient operations.



Ceiling-Recessed Cassette Ductless Air ConditionersFriedrich Ceiling Cassette Ductless Air Conditioners


Ideal in drop ceilings or other spaces where a flush-mount installation is preferred, ceiling cassettes require 9 1/4" above-ceiling clearances. They have a wired remote that controls up to 16 units individually or by zone. These Friedrich air conditioners have a four-way air outlet, and our cassettes provide maximum comfort by evenly distributing airflow throughout the area you need to heat or cool.


Dual-Zone Ductless Air ConditionersFriedrich Dual Zone Ductless Air Conditioners


If you have one or more rooms without exterior walls or windows, a dual-zone ductless split system will work beautifully. The indoor air handler is sleek, unobtrusive and quiet. You need only a 2" clearance from the ceiling, so you'll have lots of placement options. All systems come with a remote control, so even units high on the wall are easy to operate.



Tri-Zone Ductless Air ConditionersFriedrich Tri Zone Ductless Air Conditioners


Friedrich tri-zone ductless split systems can cool and cool/heat 1-4 zones. Multizone systems let occupants independently set the temperature for individual comfort. Units in unoccupied rooms can be turned off to save energy.



Quad-Zone Ductless Air ConditionersFriedrich Quad Zone Ductless Air Conditioners


This system has one outdoor condenser and up to four indoor air handlers that cool and heat individual rooms. Each indoor unit is separately controlled for customized comfort settings, and units can be turned off in unoccupied rooms to save energy. Multizone systems are available in numerous configurations, with total system capacities between 18000, and 36000 BTU. Please consult Specifications by Model for details.


Single-Zone Indoor & Outdoor UnitsFriedrich Single Zone Indoor & Outdoor Units


This system has one outdoor condenser and one indoor air handler that cools and heats one room. Cooling capacities range from 8500 to 22000 BTU, and heating capacities range from 10000 to 27600 BTU.



Chill Room Window Air Conditioners

Friedrich Chill Room Window Air Conditioner



Chill air conditioners are energy-efficient and easy-to-handle. Almost every model is ENERGY STAR qualified, and the programmable timer plus the MoneySaver setting help manage energy use and reduce costs. With capacities from 5450 to 23500 BTU/H and the Auto Air Sweep feature, Chill can evenly cool a single room or a large open space. All models include a remote control.



Kühl Room Window Air ConditionerFriedrich Kuhl Room Window Air Conditioner


The only commercial-grade room air conditioner tough enough for the most demanding air conditioning applications, Friedrich Kühl room window air conditioners are designed for maximum quality, ease, and control.


From the 20-gauge steel cabinet and fully enclosed fan motors to the 7-day programmability and LCD control lockout, Kühl's air conditioner advanced design was created with industrial applications in mind. The line has cooling-only models and models with heat (heat pump or electric heat) in a full range of capacities. Kühl is available in ENERGY STAR-qualified models.



WallMaster Thru-The-Wall Air ConditionerFriedrich WallMaster Thru-The- Air Conditioner


Whether you're replacing an existing air conditioner or working on a project that requires a more permanent installation, a WallMaster air conditioner is a perfect fit for existing 27" sleeves. Once installed, there is no discernible gap between the unit and the sleeve, for a clean, finished appearance and minimal intrusion of outdoor air.


Built with the best commercial-grade materials and components, WallMaster air conditioner is durable yet quiet. Its solid-side sleeve assures maximum performance in thicker wall applications and gives you multiple installation options. Plus, the Baffle Adapter Kit expands the depth of sleeves that can accommodate WallMaster.





Portable Air ConditionersFriedrich Portable Air Conditioners


The new Friedrich portable air conditioner heat pump provides four distinct functions in one convenient unit: air conditioning, heating, dehumidification, and air circulation/fan. It's ideal for supplemental cooling or heating. Keep units on hand for back up conditioning during outages or quick solves for cooling and heating gaps.


Also great for garages, dorm rooms, workshops, home offices, attics, and basements-anywhere you need quick, convenient cooling and dehumidification. All models include a remote control. Two cooling only models offer air conditioning, dehumidification, and air circulation/fan.



PTAC Air ConditionersFriedrich PTAC Air Conditioners


Friedrich PTAC air conditioners have set the standard for innovation and premium quality.  Hundreds of thousands of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP) products provide year-round comfort in multi-room, multi-story buildings such as hotels/motels, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.


Friedrich offers the broadest selection of PTAC air conditioner products in the industry to meet your new construction and replacement applications. They provide maximum flexibility to meet your application requirements and reduce installation and labor costs.



Multi-Zone Indoor & Outdoor UnitsFriedrich Single Zone Indoor & Outdoor Units


This system has one outdoor condenser and up to four indoor air handlers that cool and heat individual rooms. Each indoor unit is separately controlled for customized comfort settings, and units can be turned off in unoccupied rooms to save energy. Multizone systems are available in numerous configurations, with total system capacities between 18000 and 36000 BTU. 



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