Buderus SM 79.3 Gallons Indirect Fired Water Heater Thermoglaze Lined

Model: SM80/5 Item Number: 37645
Buderus SM80/5
Buderus SM80/5
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    260 Pounds
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    Product Category
    Water Heater - Solar
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Overview for Buderus SM80/5

Buderus dual coil indirect fired hot water heaters are designed to bring together a solar and traditional hydronic heating system. The dual internal coils can accept heat from both boiler and solar panel, while the patented thermoglaze interior keeps internal corrosion at bay. An included magnesium anode rod extends the service life of the water heater by a factor of years by further reducing corrosion. Screw-on feet allow for easy leveling of the tank even on slightly inclined surfaces.
  • Thermoglaze Enamel Interior
  • The Buderus SM80/5W indirect fired water heater is coated internally with Buderus' Thermoglaze enamel, protecting the inside of the tank from corrosion.
  • Included Anode Rod
  • The water heater includes a sacrificial, replaceable anode rod, significantly reducing pipe corrosion over time.
  • Dual Internal Coils
  • The SM series water heaters have two internal heating coils available for use, one for classic domestic hydronic heating from boilers and one for solar heat sources.
  • Included Leveling Legs
  • Included with the water heater are a set of adjustable legs, allowing the water heater to remain level even on inclined surfaces.
  • Specifications
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    Product Category
    Water Heater - Solar
    General Information
    Indirect Water Heater
    Product Line
    Product Category
    Water Heater - Solar
    Medium Learn More
    Medium refers to the substance that carries heat through the heating system. Systems are either designed to use either Hot Water or Steam as a medium, and components are usually specific to one or the other.
    Hot Water
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    Fuel Type
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    Indirect Fired
    Storage Type
    Coils Quantity
    Mount Type
    Installation Location
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    First Hour Delivery
    Sometimes called First Hour Rating, this is the number of gallons of hot water the heater can supply per hour when starting with a fully heated tank. The recovery of the water heater depends on your boiler's BTU and boiler output temperature.
    215 Gallons
    Continuous Recovery Rate
    215 Gallons
    Storage Volume
    79.3 Gallons
    Cold Water Inlet
    1 Inch
    Hot Water Outlet
    1 Inch
    Boiler Supply
    1 Inch
    Boiler Return
    3/4 Inch
    Product Height
    58 7/8 Inches
    Product Width
    26 3/8 Inches
    Product Depth
    26 3/8 Inches
    Product Weight
    260 Pounds
    Warranty Information
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    8 Years
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    Buderus SM 79.3 Gallons Indirect Fired Water Heater Thermoglaze Lined
    Buderus SM80/5
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