ACWholesalers Opens New Facility

ACWholesalers Opens New Facility
DORAL, FL (August 03, 2009) - Due to an increase in the number of product shipments, a boost in employee numbers, and call center call volume. ACWholesalers has moved to a new facility in Doral, Florida that will house its corporate office and distribution center, according to John Piquero, ACW's CEO.

"In just the past year, we've seen a significant increase in product shipments. This, combined with the need to enhance our distribution processes prompted us to invest in the future of our company and our employees," said John. Also, according to John, the new facility has a dedicated warehouse area that will provide ACWholesalers with better control over inventory and security, as well as space for future growth.

The new facility consists of an additional 32 percent of office space and 47 percent of warehouse space. Because the facility will be dedicated solely to the internet division products and services, the new location will aid in enhancing ACWholesalers in the community.

At their grand opening held on Sept 04, 2009, John said, "While we are here to celebrate this building, the employees and staff of our company and the commerce that will be conducted here, in a larger sense we are celebrating something much beyond what we see represented by these walls. In providing jobs for families, and needed products for commerce, we help knit together diverse people from different places and forge relationships that show the world what can happen."

The new complex also houses the Call Training Center (CTC). "The idea of the CTC is new to the division," John notes. "The CTC will include a dedicated area for our vendors to train our call center staff on new product offerings as well as a center for new employee training. ln addition to everything else the new facility has to offer, it will provide a better working environment for our employees. Complete with better lighting, architecture, game room, and much larger break room. The new facility is sure to enhance employee productivity and maintain positive morale. This new facility is just another way we are innovating the future of the HVAC industry," says John.

ACWholesalers is the nation's largest direct integrated marketer (call center, and internet) of air conditioning and heating products. offers a convenient, full-service shopping destination to buyers of centrally ducted air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, ductless equipment, and accessories. Providing a superior level of customer service, ACWholesalers has earned high marks for its integrity, product expertise, and technical support. ACWholesalers is a vendor of top brands such as Goodman, Mitsubishi, LG, and Friedrich.