Mini Split Air Conditioners 101

Mini Split Air Conditioners 101

What is a mini split? This question continues to be asked ever since the ductless air conditioner was first introduced to the masses in the early 1970s.


A ductless mini split air conditioner is an air conditioning system that spares you the expense and stressful installation of ductwork. These ductless air conditioners come in two pieces: an indoor air handler and outdoor condenser unit. These two air conditioner components (connected by small electrical and refrigerant lines) pass through a three-inch hole in the exterior wall.


By having the compressor for the ductless system outside, these systems minimize indoor noise levels. These systems include a variety of air handlers, making them flexible to your home’s needs. Now, cooling multiple rooms individually is made possible thanks to ductless multi-zone air conditioners.


So, save yourself the hassle of bulky, expensive ductwork and invest in a ductless air conditioner.



Single-Zone Ductless Mini Splits 


Ductless Single Zone Air Conditioners

Ductless single zone air conditioners are comprised of three main components: the indoor air handler, the outdoor condenser, and a wireless remote controller.


With the flexibility of this system, you can easily cool a room while using distinctive mounts for your air handler.


Wall-mounted ductless air handlers are typically used for hotels, offices, and homes. However, models like the ceiling-recessed cassette and the ceiling-suspended version are clutter-free ways of adding cool air to a home.


Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Splits


Ductless Multi Zone Air Conditioners

Thanks to ductless multi-zone air conditioners, it is now possible for one outdoor condenser to power multiple indoor components, and, with our wireless/wired remote controls, each room can operate their air handler independently.


A ductless multi-zone air conditioner comes in three different bundles, each with different air handler options.


For instance, a dual zone bundle includes two air handlers, and a condenser, while a tri-zone bundle has three air handlers and a condenser.


So, if multiple room comfort is what you’re looking for, then ductless multi-zone air conditioners are for you.


Commercial Applications


Ductless Commercial Single Zone Air Conditioners

Powerful, durable, dependable, and tough; these are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking of a ductless commercial air conditioner.


In a crowded commercial space with employees and customers, it could get difficult to maintain a fresh, steady airflow at the desired temperature.


Not for these ductless commercial air conditioners—which are specifically designed to withstand the grueling conditions of a crowded work area.


They come available with multiple mounting options and designs such as ceiling suspended, ceiling recessed cassette, and wall mounted.



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