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About Us

About Us



ACWholesalers is a leader in the online Home Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning space. We specialize in offering our customers heating, ventilation and air conditioning quality products, including ductless air conditioners and room air conditioners, as well as ACWholesalers tools, indoor air quality products, and tankless water heaters.


We feature a secure and friendly online shopping experience, providing free shipping on orders over $199, and have over 20,000 products in our catalog. Our professional team works with our vendors to keep up-to-date with our customers' needs and current ACWholesalers trends.





  • 140,000+ orders shipped
  • 30,000+ high-quality products
  • Brand factory-authorized E-tailer



To revolutionize the way Americans purchase their home comfort products.

Our ACWholesalers Advisors


All of our ACWholesalers advisors are genuine people, with real lives and have top-notch talent. The best part about it - they are real people!


Everyone who works at ACWholesalers is committed to our customers and our mission. You'll often see them in brand communications, marketing pieces, and online.


Join our team!




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Josh Figueroa


Josh Figueroa

Josh Figueroa is the chief operating officer (COO) at ACWholesalers, where he oversees the e-tailer's distribution center, as well as customer service centers, and the full company operation that currently includes more than 40 employees.


As the first employee of ACWholesalers, Josh was involved in many areas of the business to help get it off the ground. As the company continued to grow and identify opportunities to build its product offerings, Josh played an integral role in the development of the Logistics and Operational strategies.


Josh's implementation of a new barcode and scanning system yielded a 70% decrease in order processing times. He went on to further enhance product packaging efficiencies and optimized the warehouse's layout which allowed for ACWholesalers to increase its product offering by 37%. Josh turned a completely manual picking and packing process to a semi-automatic distribution center.



John Piquero

John Piquero

John Piquero is chief information officer (CIO) of, where he oversees implementations, development, brand management, website content and data, user experience, and content strategy. During his tenure at ACWholesalers, John's leadership has strengthened existing partnerships and developed new ones that have enhanced both the company’s revenue and customer base.


Prior to joining the team in Oct 2007, he dedicated a decade of his life gathering technical and marketing strategies from positions held at AT&T (Formerly Bellsouth) and Gateway Computer. During which time he applied his experience and created aggressive marketing and technical strategies which yielded relationships with companies such as Yum Corporation, News Corp. (Dodgers Stadium) and Casual Male Clothing Line.


When ACWholesalers moved to personalize the customers’ experience, John led the technology and merchandising teams to create personas based on customers’ lists of interests, gender, and various other heuristics.


With today's "Internet of Everything," John works closely with other industry experts to predict ACWholesalers trends and find solutions to automate and scale the company to meet customer demands.


Contact Us:


8303 NW 27th Street, Suite 21, Doral, FL 33122
Customer Care Experts are available
Toll-Free: 866-631-6389

M – F: 9 am – 6 pm EST


Visit Our Store in Doral:


Feel free to stop by our distribution center in Doral to pick up your order. Shop for top quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning product from trusted brands such as Goodman, Mitsubishi, and LG. With over 30,000 SKUs, we cover most of your installation needs!




Best Value


We offer the best value on all products purchased. Our prices change only when the manufacturers change. We don't have "false discounts” marking up products just so we can advertise a sale. We offer a solid low price to start with on all of our products. When we do run a sale, we are bringing you true additional savings because we want to share an additional discount that we may receive from our manufacturers.


We have one of the largest selections of products available online. You can shop by brand, color, style, different applications, and price. No matter how you shop, we have the selection to complete your project.


Since we have the selection, our website has the tools to help you find it. Organized by categories and powerful search drill-down tools to narrow by almost any means, we’re constantly refining our search tool to provide the most relevant results. Even if you cannot locate your item online, we still provide a human touch—our product experts can find products based on your needs, make suggestions, or answer any questions to help you get the right item.


We stock 98% of all our products in our warehouse and partner with over 20 vendors to ship an item as fast as possible, even when on backorder. If an item has been sold out or is made-on-order, we often can ship directly from a manufacturer to you. Most of our smaller products can be shipped by expedited means, faster than just ground shipping to help you if time is a factor.


We offer trained staff that provides the help you need by phone, email, fax, or written word. We can even call a manufacturer on your behalf to solve a problem. Service does NOT stop at the order, but continues through order completion and beyond.


Secure checkout, encrypted payment information, protected privacy, screening employees, post-order fraud assessment, hacker tests, and more—we keep security a top priority at to assure it is the safest place to shop on the web.

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