Brand Spotlight: Honeywell

Brand Spotlight: Honeywell

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures HVAC technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges linked to global macro trends, such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization, and customer productivity.


With approximately 132,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting focus on performance, quality, delivery, value, and technology in everything we make and do.





Honeywell’s ability to continually improve comes from successfully achieving two seemingly competing tasks at once—productivity and growth. Our global processes—or Enablers—are Honeywell’s core internal business processes that drive efficiency and service quality. Enablers bring world-class products and services to market faster and more cost-effectively for our customers.


Air CleanersHoneywell Air Cleaners


Honeywell air cleaners can improve indoor air quality; furnace filters, Honeywell filters home air cleaners, an electronic air cleaner and more.



Air Cleaner Parts

Honeywell Air Cleaner Parts


Honeywell air cleaner parts bring together the best of both media and electronic filtration, offering optimal efficiency and a longer life.




Honeywell Economizer


Using sensors and actuators, Honeywell's solid state economizer Logic Modules determine whether Free-Cooling can be used by bringing in the outdoor air instead of energizing a compressor. Some Logic Modules, control based upon DCV, using a CO2 sensor.




Honeywell Humidifier


Evaporative flow-through humidifiers enhance and protect the home while controlling to an optimum humidity level. Humidifiers help preserve the house structure, woodwork, artwork and fine wood and furnishings, and prevent over-humidification.



Temperature Control

Honeywell Temp Control


Honeywell offers a complete line of stand-alone controllers, as well as pneumatic controllers to meet all your needs.


Temperature Sensor

Honeywell Temp Sensor


Honeywell's One-Pipe, a direct-acting temperature sensor used with RP908/RP920 Controllers, provide proportional control of pneumatic valves or damper actuators. A rod and tube insertion element for duct, well, or through-the-wall mounting is also available.


Honeywell Thermostat


Contractors, home, and building owners choose Honeywell for many reasons. For you, reliability, application flexibility, and ease of installation stand out. For your customers, easy use, accuracy, and design make Honeywell the most trusted thermostat name.



Thermostat Guards

Honeywell Thermostat Guard


At Honeywell, our heritage spans over a century and focuses on building quality, innovative products. We use quality components and engineer our user-friendly devices - including our thermostat guards - to precise design specifications, resulting in pinpoint control to ±1 F.


Honeywell's thermostat guards cover wall thermostats and protect against tampering, damage, and unauthorized adjustment of thermostat settings.



Zone Valve

Honeywell Zone Valve


Honeywell zone valves provide superior quality and reliability that installers have come to expect. The unique ball seal ensures a new sealing surface every time the valve operates! Available in a range of models to meet all system requirements.



Zone Valve Control

Honeywell Zone Valve Control


Circulator and inducer controls for warm air furnaces provide the blower delay on-and-off timing, limit and thermostat interface, and central appliance wiring hub.


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