Introducing: Malco HVAC Tools

Introducing: Malco HVAC Tools

Work. Perform. Outlast.

Malco's mission is to produce, "top-quality products that work hard, enhance performance, and stand up to years of real-world use on the job". At Malco, we believe in American-made tools that Work. Perform. Outlast.

Malco specialty tools and accessories are made specifically for trade professionals including HVAC installation and service contractors.





Roofing, Siding, and Gutter Tools


Malco specializes in tools for roofing, siding and gutter installation and repair. Roofing tools include tear-offs and power shears for asphalt shingles, and edge rollers, power-assisted shears, and hole cutters for metal roofing and building panels.


Specialized tools are also available for both vinyl and fiber cement siding, including power-assisted TurboShear drill attachments and air-powered models for cleanly cutting fiber cement. Specialized hand tools and an outlet punch system, as well as painted rivets and screws, comprise an impressive offering for gutter and downspout.



Automotive Tools


Malco's powerful metal-cutting TurboShear drill attachments and air-powered models are ideal for auto body restoration work and collision repair. Related tools from Malco include hand snips seamers and tongs, small to large diameter step drills for sheet metal, compact spring tube benders and a tube slicer radiator fin, straightening tools, hog rings, pliers, staples, and more.



Fence, Deck & Rail Tools


Malco manufactures tools for both chain link and vinyl fencing. A full line of hog ring pliers and staples is available for installing tensioning wire, tarps and vinyl safety top cap used with chain link fence. Vinyl fencing tools include notchers for producing locking tabs in pickets and rails and nibblers for elongating post slots and angling rails. A rail removal tool is available to easily remove damaged rails.



Kitchen & Bath


Malco TurboShear drill attachments and air-powered models make short work of cutting fiber cement backer board used with ceramic tile. Malco specialty tools for interior wall construction include a fastener-less stud crimper and a channel shear for erecting metal stud and runner. Related tools from Malco include many carbide-tipped hole-saw sizes ideal for venting applications through multi-layered materials of exterior walls, including fiber cement siding and ceramic tile.



Ducting Tools Replacement Parts


You can often extend the life of your hammers, pipe cutters, levels, masonry tools, and replacement parts.




Fiberglass ToolsMalco Fiberglass Tools


Easily Fold or bend aluminum roof flashing, coil stock, or fascia without ruining paint finish with fiberglass tools. Lightweight die cast zinc jaws with compound handle offer maximum compound leverage performance in sheet steel and non-ferrous metals with greater control and efficiency.




Flex Duct ToolsMalco Flex Duct Tools


Trimming and installing flexible round duct is now as easy as one-two-three with Malco’s multi-purpose flex duct tools. Finely honed double-edged knife blade, built-in wire cutter and tie-tensioning mechanisms make it a snap to install a nylon tie strap and secure the flex duct take-off collar.




Hand ToolsMalco Hand Tools


Layout ductboard as you cut Malco’s patented one-piece layout system, which incorporates a FasGroov Square with distinctive sled-style hand tools. Offsets built into square and tools allow you to lay out ductboard as you cut. Simply align dimensions square with the edge of the previous cut and move across the board.




Metal ToolsMalco Metal Tools


With the full range of circular saw equipment in 6, 8, and 12-tooth configurations, Malco's perfectly tensioned, hardened tool-steel saw blades and other metal tools will allow you to cut deeper gullets and produce a cleaner, more precise cuts resulting in an accurately matched trim edge and tighter seams.




Power ToolsMalco Power Tools


You can always trust Malco power tools for precision, air-tight crimping, and the fast and easy way.  Look for the Malco TurboXTools for easily operated one-handed operation - you can use your existing drill to save time and effort.




Specialty ToolsMalco Specialty Tools


Malco is well known for regularly introducing exciting new hand tool designs for today's ACWholesalers professionals. Malco Tools is revolutionizing the industry in specialty tools.



Totes & Bags


Keep all your tools safe and at arms reach with Malco durable nylon totes and bags with non-slip rubber grips.


Tubing ToolsMalco Tubing Tools


Trust Malco for high-quality tubing tools to help create leak-free crimp connections.


You'll find tube crimpers calibration gages, drop ear bend supports, crimp ring gauges, and other tubing tools. Choose the size tube crimper that can fit your application.



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