Brand Spotlight: Goodman

Brand Spotlight: Goodman

In 1954, Harold V. Goodman founded Goodman Manufacturing Company. Harold Goodman was an air conditioning contractor in the rapidly growing city of Houston, Texas. As the Gulf Coast city grew at a rapid rate, so did Harold’s business.


By the late 1960s, Harold had one of the most successful Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) businesses in the United States.


In 1975, Harold entered the HVAC market with the formation of Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating Manufacturing Company, The company began as a maker of flexible air ducts and plastic blade registers. As this business grew successfully, Harold turned his sights to building all types of HVAC equipment.


Goodman, analyzing the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry, recognized the need for a high-quality, low-cost producer of central air conditioning systems. As luck would have it, Goodman learned that another HVAC manufacturer was closing its doors and selling off its manufacturing equipment. He immediately purchased the company’s HVAC machinery. Goodman transported it to a large warehouse in Houston.


In 1982, Goodman started his ventures into Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, entering the market with central air conditioners and heat pumps at a refreshingly affordable price.


Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating Manufacturing Company remained focused on providing high-quality products at an affordable price and protecting them with some of the best warranties in the industry. This clear focus has led to Goodman’s being a leading unit manufacturer of residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products and systems in North America. 


Goodman Air Conditioning Systems


Goodman Air Conditioner System

The Goodman brand has a central air conditioning system that is perfect for your home at a refreshingly affordable price. Even on the hottest days of the year, you can keep your home cool and comfortable while enjoying low energy costs with a high-efficiency Goodman brand air conditioner.


Don't choose between affordability, durability, and optimum cooling comfort; instead, install a Goodman brand air conditioner and get all three—including what we believe to be the best warranty protection in the heating and cooling industry.


As you review the various Goodman brand air conditioners, remember that higher SEER numbers reflect the most energy-efficient systems. “SEER” stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a measure used by the U.S. Department of Energy to rate the efficiency of air conditioners. The higher the SEER in the air conditioner, the greater the efficiency.


All Goodman brand air conditioners come with outstanding warranty coverage. Visit each air conditioner product page to learn about the warranties that apply to each specific product, or get a copy of the applicable warranty from any dealer.


Air Conditioner Condensers


Goodman Air Conditioner Condenser

How can an air conditioner condenser “talk” to an air conditioner air handler, let alone a natural gas furnace?


Introducing the Goodman Air ComfortNet Communicating systems: the missing link in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.


Available only on select models, the Goodman ComfortNet Communicating system actively monitors and analyzes the entire heating ventilation and air conditioning system for irregular conditioners. If detected, the control will take the appropriate actions and display the results in a diagnostic menu for quick and easy resolution.


When your air conditioner is properly matched and installed, select Goodman Air Conditioner condensers offer up to 18 SEER high-efficiency performances. This means that the air conditioner will lower the overall operating cost by providing you with a cost-efficient operation.


In many applications, the efficiency of your Goodman Air Conditioner condenser can be enhanced by using it in conjunction with a Goodman air handler or natural gas furnace that have the variable-speed blower motor options.



Air Conditioner Package Units


Goodman Air Conditioner Package Unit

A higher electric bill means lower energy efficiency. The higher the SEER rating is, the less it costs to run your air conditioner. Control the cost of your home's power consumption with a new Goodman air conditioner package unit. Get the reliability of Goodman's most compact package unit available while lowering your monthly bill.


The Goodman A/C package unit prides itself on the technology integrated into the system. The air conditioner compressor is not only energy-efficient but also has a built-in internal relief valve to ensure the compressor stays safe to use. Goodman has many package units available to fit all of your application needs. Optimize your home with the refreshingly affordable Goodman air conditioner package unit.


Heat Pump Split Systems


Goodman Air Conditioner System

Enjoy year-round indoor comfort with a Goodman heat pump. These units provide both cooling and heating comfort with a single system. High-efficiency heat pumps can lower the cost of keeping your home completely comfortable all year.


The Goodman brand offers a full line of heat pump systems so you are certain to find the perfect system to fit your budget. Plus you’ll get the added comfort of some of the best warranty protection coverages in the heating and cooling industry. For the greatest energy efficiency savings, select a heat pump system with the highest SEER and HSPF ratings.


Heat Pump Condensers


Goodman Heat Pump Condenser

When properly matched, Goodman heat pump condensers offers up to 18 SEER high-efficiency performance. Some Goodman Series heat pump condensers operate down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, typically unheard of with heat pump condensers. Goodman is an HVAC industry leader and includes the most cutting-edge technologies available in their heat pump air conditioner products.


From factory-installed in-line filter driers to ambient temperature sensors, Goodman didn't miss a beat. Included in most Goodman models is the top-of-the-line Copeland Two-stage Ultra Tech scroll compressor to optimize efficiency and durability. Most Goodman heat pump condenser models also include ultra-efficient SmartCoil.


Long ago the HVAC industry determined that the combination of copper tubing and aluminum fins in HVAC equipment provided the most efficient transfer of thermal heat available. Quiet, reliable and powerful; heat pump air conditioner condensers at their best.



Heat Pump Package Units


Goodman Heat Pump Package UnitOur Goodman packaged heat pumps provide economical air conditioning and use reverse-cycle technology to deliver optimal heating during colder periods. Compared to lower SEER heat pump air conditioners, the Goodman packaged units provide you with a refreshingly affordable option to get the best in home comfort.


You can install a Goodman packaged heat pump air conditioner on the ground or rooftop—just remember to check your owner's manual for required installation accessories. On self-contained packaged heat pump air conditioners, the most critical component is the compressor. Goodman lowers sound rating by installing insulated blower compartments: a packaged heat pump air conditioner that won't easily quit on you.



Goodman Air Handlers


Goodman Heat Pump Package Unit

Your air conditioner air handler is an essential part of your "split" HVAC system. It is the indoor portion that delivers the cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter—quietly and economically. Some Goodman air handlers come equipped with the ComfortNet Communicating system, which automatically configures the heat pump and condenser while communicating with the thermostat.


All Goodman air conditioner air handlers come equipped with factory-installed filter racks and foil-faced insulation for optimal airflow (including air retention). The complete Goodman air handler line offers multiple airflow positions; check the air conditioner model numbers for further details. Goodman air handlers are manufactured with one thing in mind: keeping the customer comfortable.



Front-Return Air Handlers


Goodman Front Return Air Handler

The Goodman front-return AWUF air handler is designed to be vertically mounted on the wall (or studs).


Traditional air handlers are too big and bulky for smaller, more efficient applications. Goodman front-return air handlers are the perfect fit and loved by apartment buildings and condominiums everywhere.


The Goodman front return air handler is manufactured with a galvanized steel cabinet which is fully insulated to reduce noise. The air conditioner air handler has a direct drive, multi-speed blower motor which allows variable-air-volume settings for heating and cooling. Some air handlers even include built-in electric heat strips. Handle air right with Goodman.


Goodman Modular Blowers


Goodman Modular Blower

Ever wonder how you are going to get an air handler installed in your attic?


Goodman modular blowers solve that problem. The Goodman modular blower easily redirects air for horizontal applications.


On several models, Goodman integrates the ComfortNet Communicating System into the modular blower, assuring maximum operation when installed.


On the Goodman MBVC Series, a variable-speed blower motor assures the highest energy savings and also allows for dehumidification mode. Goodman modular blowers are intended to be used with cased evaporator coil condenser units or heat pump condenser units.

Goodman Evaporator Coil Cased

Evaporator Coils (Cased and Uncased)


Goodman cased evaporator coils are made with thick walls of aluminum tubing which provide superb strength and optimal refrigerant transfer. Goodman has applied for several patents involving the evaporator air conditioner coil designs including a proprietary manufacturing process.



Goodman Evaporator Coil UncasedGoodman uncased evaporator coils include a mold-resistant thermoplastic drain pan

 that features a low-water retention design. Matched with the Goodman air conditioner, the uncased evaporator coils will save you money every cycle.



Horizontal Evaporator Coils


Goodman Evaporator Coil Horizontal

Available specifically for horizontal applications, the Goodman horizontal cased evaporator coil is suitable for refrigerant R-410A and R-22. Their standardized heights of 14 1/2", 17 1/2", 21" and 24 1/2" make Goodman evaporator coil maintenance a breeze.


Additional accessories include field-installed expansion valves and high-temperature drain pans— but make sure to always check your manual to make sure you've got all the required accessories for installation.



Horizontal Slab Evaporator Coils


Goodman Evaporator Coil Horizontal Slab

Available specifically for Horizontal applications the Goodman horizontal slab evaporator coil is suitable for refrigerant R-410A and R-22. Manufactured with rust-resistant thermoplastic drain pans, these Goodman evaporator coils are meant for long-lasting use.


Decoratively painted in architectural gray and backed with rifled copper tubing and corrugated aluminum fins, these components aid in heat transfer properties and air conditioner efficiency.



Gas/Electric Split Systems


Goodman Air Conditioner System

Goodman gas furnaces deliver money-saving indoor comfort year after year. Variable and multi-speed furnaces provide enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to your thermostat setting rather than simply turning on at full speed. This alleviates the ‘cold air blow’ problem often associated with single speed furnaces.


Choose from a full line of Goodman brand gas furnaces and get one of the best warranty protection coverage in the heating and cooling industry. To find a gas furnace that delivers maximum energy efficiency and savings, select a unit with the highest AFUE rating.



96% - 97% AFUE Gas Furnace Heaters 


Goodman Gas Furnace Heater 96% AFUE

The award-winning design of the primary heat exchanger in the Goodman High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces are unique. It is constructed from tubular aluminized steel and formed into a dual diameter configuration. This unique design makes use of every square foot of the natural gas furnace to provide the utmost heating for your home.


The Goodman High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces are unlike single-stage gas furnaces that operate "all on" or "all off, this gas furnace series adjusts via the variable speed motor to precisely what is required for the area. The Goodman 96% - 97% AFUE Gas Furnaces are also ComfortNet Communicating, which provides homeowners with advanced diagnostics, automatic maintenance alerts and continuous monitoring of the system's performance.


The technology behind the Goodman High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces dwarfs the competition by offering self-calibrating modulating gas valves, secondary stainless steel heat exchangers, silicon nitride igniters, insulated cabinet and powder paint finishes as standard features.


90% - 94% AFUE Gas Furnace Heaters 


Goodman Gas Furnace Heater 92% AFUE

The Goodman GCSS92 and GMSS92 Gas Furnace heaters use a multi-speed blower motor and a sound-isolating blower assembly to reduce the noise levels common in other furnaces without these features.


Add an insulated, heavy-gauge steel cabinet, and the result is quiet comfort. The Goodman 90% - 94% AFUE Gas Furnaces offer an unmatched combination of performance, efficiency, and affordability.


The heart of any gas furnace heater is the heat exchanger. The Goodman 92% AFUE gas furnace heater aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger and stainless-steel recuperative coil have both been tested to industry standards. For further safety and reliability, Goodman 92% AFUE gas furnace heaters also include a hot surface igniter that helps ensure safe start-ups and maximum igniter life.



80% AFUE Gas Furnace Heaters


Goodman Gas Furnace Heater 80%

Energy efficiency is key to controlling the cost of heating your home. The Goodman gas furnace heater's 80% AFUE rating means 80 cents of every dollar of heating expense warms your home. Older gas furnace heaters are rated at 60% AFUE—meaning they're both wasteful and expensive.


Goodman has set the standard in gas furnace heaters by testing gas furnaces at the factory before shipping and having fully-insulated cabinets and quiet, efficient hot-surface igniters. Additionally, Goodman gas furnace heaters feature the low NOx emissions to set new standards of thinking green.



Gas/Electric Package Units


Goodman Gas Electric Package Unit

The Goodman gas furnace electric air package unit provides the highest value and cutting-edge technology to homeowners and small businesses. The Goodman gas furnace electric A/C package unit is electrically-powered during the summer and uses a gas-fueled furnace during the winter.


The Goodman gas furnace electric A/C package units offer up to 15 SEER efficiencies—offering substantial energy savings when compared to lower SEER units. The Goodman gas furnace electric air conditioner package units offer the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A backed by the high-efficiency compressors, X-13 blower motors and fully insulated blower compartment for quiet operation. Thank goodness for Goodman.



Hybrid Fuel Split Systems


Goodman Air Conditioner System

Almost everyone has heard of hybrid vehicles that use two energy sources to increase fuel efficiency, but with the cost of natural gas reaching an all-time high many homeowners are turning to the same technology to heat and cool their homes.


While the concept of hybrid heating isn’t new, electronic technology, increased efficiency and the cost of fuel are now making hybrid heating systems more affordable for the average homeowner. Hybrid heating systems use electric heat pump technology when in cold weather and gas furnace technology in colder temperatures.


When it is chilly, people prefer heat pumps over furnaces. The heat pump delivers a consistent heat, while a gas furnace delivers intermittent blasts of hot air during mild weather.



Gas/Electric Heat Pump Package Units


Goodman Air Conditioner Heat Pump Gas Electric Package Unit Hybrid

The Goodman gas/electric heat pump package system delivers enhanced indoor comfort by seamlessly alternating between two energy sources for heating your home — an electric heat pump air conditioner and a gas furnace heater.


As the outside temperatures change, your Goodman packaged dual-fuel system selects the fuel source to heat your home. When the thermostat calls for cooling performance, the heat pump in this unit functions just like a central air conditioner, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days of summer.


In the months when you need moderate heating output, the heat pump automatically reverses the refrigerant flow to provide warm air in your home. And, on the coldest days of winter, the gas furnace in this packaged unit provides reliable, consistent heat. Regardless of the season, the Goodman gas furnace A/C heat pump packaged dual-fuel system is a great indoor comfort companion.



Electric Heat Strips (HKR / HKSC)


Goodman Electric Heat Strip HKR / HKSC

As you prepare to purchase your air conditioner air handler you may realize that you need a backup heating element. Goodman offers the air conditioner electric heat strip, which provides up to 20kW of primary or supplemental heat. The Goodman electric heat strip is completely assembled and tested from the factory, along with sequencers for better temperature control.


On all air conditioner heating elements are rust-resistant nickel chromium heat elements and a plug-in wiring harness to make installation into the air handler easy. 



Goodman Thermostats


Goodman Air Conditioner Thermostat

Goodman programmable and non-programmable residential digital thermostats work with Goodman brand heating and cooling systems and are compatible with a variety of accessories. Now you can enjoy a new level of indoor comfort control.


It's easy with the ComfortNet communicating controls; remember that not all thermostats have this built-in feature. The Goodman Comfortnet thermostats include the benefits of automatic system installation, simplified installation wiring, and active system diagnostics.


Simple, accurate, and automatic all describe how a ComfortNet communicating control system can improve your current level of home comfort. ComfortNet communicating controls work with Goodman brand ECM-based furnaces and air handlers and 16 & 18 SEER two-stage air conditioners and heat pumps.



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