Electro Industries 61K BTU Electric Hot Water Boiler 18 kW 240V 1 Ph

Model: EB-S-18 Item Number: 18288
Electro Industries EB-S-18
Electro Industries EB-S-18
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Overview for Electro Industries EB-S-18

The Electro Industries 61,000 BTU TS-S Series Electric Radiant Heat Boiler EB-S-18 is our most deluxe electric boiler and is designed for multiple temperature and zoning applications for radiant heating. This Electric Boiler for Radiant Heat by Electro Industries is leading the standard in boilers with a 100% efficiency. The Electro Radiant Heat Electric Boiler EB-S-18 has water sensors and a mechanism that maintains the specified temperature throughout. This kind of control allows use in virtually any radiant heating applications. In addition it also features outdoor reset capability as well as outdoor sensing which automatically adjusts the boilers temperature in correlation with outside temperature. Not only is the EB-S18 Electric Boiler efficient, its also designed with convenience in mind. This boilers design gives the Electro EB-S-18 Series a small footprint with a high efficiency yield. A super quiet operation ensures that you wont even realize that there is a hot water boiler working in your home or office. The Electro Industries TS S Series Electric Boiler is a High Efficiency Boiler that tops the market and brings you lasting results on your investment. The majority of the Electric Boilers, hydronics heating, installations have several zones or thermostats in various rooms. When one thermostat calls for heat it represents only a partial load to the boiler. In most dual heat installations this Electro Industries Boiler is plumbed in series with an existing oil, gas, or wood boiler. For gas or oil, this Boiler by Electro Industries is generally at the gas/oil outlet; but for wood, the boiler must be on the inlet sides. The standby boiler cannot be operated as hot water boiler, doing so will defeat the purpose of the Electro EB-S-18 Boiler. Rewire as required using Electro Industries EB-S-SB, make sure the standby boiler is turned on through the brown wires.
  • Electro Industries EB-S-18 Features
  • 100% Efficient
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • 18 kW
  • DC Power Relays
  • Easy Monitoring
  • Circulator Switching Relay (10-Amp Maximum)
  • Thermostat / End Switch Connection (R and W)
  • Load Management Control Provisions
  • Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Enclosure
  • 61,000 Btu/h
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Supply Pressure/Temperature Gauge
  • Safety Relief Valve (30 PSI)
  • Reliable Safety
  • Specifications
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    Product Category
    General Information
    Product Line
    Product Category
    Medium Learn More
    Medium refers to the substance that carries heat through the heating system. Systems are either designed to use either Hot Water or Steam as a medium, and components are usually specific to one or the other.
    Hot Water
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    Fuel Type
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    Mount Type
    Assembly Type
    Includes Pump
    Heating Capacity
    61434 BTU
    Heating Capacity (kW)
    18 kW
    Ultra Low NOx Emissions Learn More
    Ultra Low NOx Emissions
    NOx is a byproduct of the combustion process, and it's output is regulated in some jurisdictions. Many regulators mirror SCAQMD rules, which regulate air quality for some parts of Southern California. Ultra Low NOx appliances emit less than 10-14 ng/J (nanogram per Joule) of NOx.
    Electrical Data
    240 Volts
    60 Hz
    Current Draw
    75 Amps
    Supply Connection
    1 1/4 Inches
    Return Connection
    1 1/4 Inches
    Product Height
    38 Inches
    Product Width
    17 Inches
    Product Depth
    17 Inches
    Product Weight
    152 Pounds
    Shipping Weight
    152 Pounds
    Warranty Information
    Parts Warranty Show ACW Parts Warranty Learn More
    Parts Warranty
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    2 Years
    Heating Element Warranty
    20 Years
    Vessel Warranty
    20 Years
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    Electro Industries 61K BTU Electric Hot Water Boiler 18 kW 240V 1 Ph
    Electro Industries EB-S-18
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