Preferred Installer

Become a HVACStores Preferred Installer

As a Preferred Installer, will give our online customers the opportunity to have their products professionally installed.

You'll get added service revenue from customers in your area who prefer to shop online plus the opportunity to sell these customers additional products and services. We benefit by offering our online customers the convenient option of hassle-free installation.

When customers prefer to buy online, we want them to shop from But when they research online and prefer to shop locally, we're happy to send them to you.

Why Join Our Preferred Installer Program?


Grab market share in your area by harnessing the power of the internet. You have nothing to lose and new customers to gain. Sign up today!

Installer FAQ's

Q) Do I or my company have to pay for this service?
A) No, this is simply a program where your company allows customers choose to use your independent installation services.

Q) What happens when the customer buys something that we cannot install?
A) Because the customer paid for and owns the product, it’s the customer’s responsibility to return the products and make arrangements to have the right products for the installation.

Q) What if a customer comes in with a non-standard installation and quotes the prices listed on websites?
A) Your profile will note that prices are based on an average installation price, subject to change and may change based upon the specific installation requirements being performed. No HVAC installation is the same.

Q) How does the Preferred Installer program affect my liability exposure?
A) Liability issues are no different with the Preferred Installer program compared to any of your other customer. The customer owns the products and parts and your business is providing installation work and charging for the service.

Additional questions? Email us at installer @ or call us at 866-631-6389.

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