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Sizing Help

Are you unsure on which unit you need for your home? When looking to purchase new systems be careful not to go too big or too small. If a unit that is too big, it will make the house cold and clammy in addition to starting and stopping the unit frequently causing the system to malfunction faster. A unit which is too small will always run and the home will never get to the desired temperature you'd like it to be.

So what size should I get?

There are a few different ways to size your area, follow the methods below for guidance.

First Method

Our Sizing Calculator

This online tool provides a rough estimate based on general factors. Although it may seem at first as the perfect fit for your home, please keep in mind it can't detect the different factors that make your home unique.

Second Method

Compare with your neighbors

Look outside and you will notice that most of your neighbors have a similar home and might have already gone through this process. Speak to them regarding concerns that you may have that they may already have the answer to. Sometimes the best advice is right next door!

Third Method

Check the equipment that you have

You will soon find through your research that air conditioning and heating has not changed much in quite some time. The heating still performs heating and cooling still performs cooling, it's all in how much energy it takes to do so. Technology today has broken the barrier on cost to productivity ratios. New industry standards have raised the bar on us as the world is getting Greener for our planet. Why not start at the simplest place, Your Home! Sometimes the answer to the most complex questions is right in front of us. Check the information on the equipment that is in your home currently. Look at the stickers normally located on the exterior of your current units for model numbers or btu's which will aid our Sales Center on finding a possible replacement for you.

Quick BTU Reference Chart (Outdoor Units)

9,000 BTU = 3/4 Ton
12,000 BTU = 1 Ton
18,000 BTU = 1.5 Ton
24,000 BTU = 2.0 Ton
30,000 BTU = 2.5 Ton
36,000 BTU = 3.0 Ton
42,000 BTU = 3.5 Ton
48,000 BTU = 4.0 Ton
60,000 BTU = 5.0 Ton

For example, an outdoor unit DSX18036 is a 3 ton unit.

Quick BTU Reference Chart (Gas Furnaces Units)

45,000 BTU = Heat Input
70,000 BTU = Heat Input
90,000 BTU = Heat Input
115,000 BTU = Heat Input

For example, a gas furnace model GMVC950905DX is a 90K Heat Input.

Fourth Method

Use the same software used by the Pro's Manual J Load Calculation

This is software which is standard use for many HVAC professionals across the United States. It utilizes scientific methods for calculating your home's requirements and provides the heating and cooling needed for the area. It takes the specifics of your home such as square footage of the rooms, what size ceilings, type of insulation used, etc, to make the calculation based on those factors. Many home owners use this as a detailed guide for sizing so they can research the different system options so they can keep control of their home comfort needs.

Want to find out more about the software click here!

Fifth Method

Speak with the Installer's. They can do it!

Speaking with installer is the best way to find out the requirements for your home. Their trained eye and experience can offer peace of mind when sizing for a new system. They can interpret the current system, assess the new factors and advise accordingly as to what your home / business needs are. Most air conditioning and heating installers will provide free in-home estimates, so they can provide the information you seek.

* Please note that there are many factors which play a role in sizing for your home correctly. Our sizing calculator only provides an estimate as to what may be needed for the area. Please always refer back to your installer for exact sizing.

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