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Weatherking by Rheem 2.5 Ton 15 SEER Heat Pump Condenser

Model: RP1530BJ1NA Item Number: 84778
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Rheem RP1530BJ1NA
Rheem RP1530BJ1NA
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Product Discontinued
Sorry, this product is no longer available.
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    New Learn More This product is new and has never been used. It's in its original packaging, which has not been opened.
    191 Pounds Learn More Total weight of the product and any included accessory/components. This total is not the shipping weight, as it does not include packing material, which may increase the overall shipping weight of this product.
    Heat Pump
    Operating Mode
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Overview for Rheem RP1530BJ1NA

Overview for the Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner CondenserA smart, efficient design makes the Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser Classic Series Air Conditioner one of your best options for staying cool inside. Each new unit includes a generous list of features that work together to bring you quiet, efficient and reliable indoor comfort. The Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser Classic Series were developed using our 360 degree +1 design philosophy, which means every detail of the product is meticulously evaluated from every angle. The Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser offers the solid technology and energy-saving performance you've come to expect from Rheem. It's also quiet, so you won't give your indoor home comfort a second thought. Count on the Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser to bring you and your family years of comfort.This Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser Classic Series is comfort that keeps everyone happyA quieter and more durable Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser starts with our smart Rheem's composite base pan. The design helps eliminate corrosion and adds to quieter performance. Extensive UV testing was done to ensure that the base pan stays black for years to come. The improved refrigerant tubing design in the Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser also contributes to a quieter, more reliable operation. For added strength, curved louver panels and rugged corner posts on the exterior do an excellent job protecting the inside.The Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser Classic Series brings its own curb appealCurb appeal is not lost on our new Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser. Rheem air conditioners look as good as they operate. Modern cabinet aesthetics allow your unit to put its best face forward, and a powder coat paint system provides a lasting professional finish.Yep this Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser Classic Series has a Scroll CompressorThe Reliable and legendary scroll compressor technology makes the Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser Classic series as efficient as it is durable. The optimized fan orifice also contributes to quieter operation, optimal airflow and better overall performance. Simply put, you get efficient comfort that lasts a very long time.Over 90 years of experience under its belt proves that the Rheem RP1530BJ1NA Heat Pump Air Conditioner Condenser is backed by expertise.Brothers Richard and Donald Rheem founded Rheem Manufacturing Company in Emeryville, California in 1925. While the company has produced a number of products in its nearly 100 years of operation - including steel shipping containers, household appliances like gas ranges, semi-conductors, musical instruments and more. Today Rheem is the only manufacturer in the world that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products. The Rheem Air Conditioning Manufacture is also considered the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. The Rheem Air Conditioning company's mission is still simple: help your family enjoy a new degree of comfort with solutions that keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and enjoying hot water year-round.
  • Fan motor harness with extra long wires
    allows unit top to be removed without disconnecting fan wire
  • 35% fewer cabinet fasteners and fastener-free base
    allow for faster access to internal components and hassle-free panel removal
  • Single-row condenser coil
    makes unit lighter and allows thorough coil cleaning to maintain "out of the box" performance
  • External gauge port access
    allows easy connection of "low-loss" gauge ports
  • Diagnostic service window with two-fastener opening
    provides access to the TXV valves and the heat pump reversing valve before opening the unit
  • Integrated heat pump lift receptacle
    allows standard CPVC stands to be inserted into the base
  • Optimized fan orifice
    optimizes airflow and reduces unit sound
  • Curved louver panels
    provide ultimate coil protection, enhance cabinet strength, and increased cabinet rigidity
  • Modern cabinet aesthetics
    increased curb appeal with visually appealing design
  • Scroll compressor
    a sound abating feature added to the compressor significantly reduces noise when system transitions in and out of defrost mode
  • Enhanced mufflers
    help to dissipate vibration energy for quieter unit operation
  • Optimized reversing valve sizing
    improves shifting performance for quieter unit operation and increased life of the system
  • Powder coat paint system
    for a long lasting professional finish
  • Optimized defrost characteristics
    decrease defrosting and provide better home comfort
  • Improved tubing design
    reduces vibration and stress, making unit quieter and reducing opportunity for leaks
  • New composite base pan
    dampens sound, captures louver panels, eliminates corrosion and reduces number of fasteners needed
  • Our SKU number(s): Rheem RP1530BJ1NA
  • The manufacturer model number(s): Rheem RP1530BJ1NA
  • Specifications
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    General Information
    Heat Pump
    Operating Mode Learn More Some products are only capable of cooling, while others can either heat or cool a space. Some products heat via "heat pump" technology while others use electric heating elements.
    Nominal SEER Learn More SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measurement of cooling efficiency over a typical cooling season. It is useful for comparing energy efficiency of cooling systems. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the system. Actual SEER may differ from Nominal SEER depending on the products used in a particular system.
    Product Weight
    191 Pounds
    Shipping Weight
    198 Pounds
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    Weatherking by Rheem 2.5 Ton 15 SEER Heat Pump Condenser
    Rheem RP1530BJ1NA
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